Friday, November 21, 2008

The end of a season

While there's plenty in the criminal law atmosphere I could write about today, I'm writing about something that's more important to me.  Tomorrow at noon, my daughter's U6 soccer team plays their final game of the season.  And while I am so happy for the kids and the way they've played this year, I'm also sad.

I'm saddend because I will miss getting together with the kids for an hour every Tuesday working on their soccer and teamwork skills.  I will miss helping my daughter get her shinguards and shoes on every Saturday morning.  I will miss outlining practices and putting together lineups.  I will miss throwing my bag of coaching gear in the truck of my car and heading to the soccer field.  I will miss seeing the kids celebrate after a goal -- and after a game.  I will miss chatting with the parents before and after practices and games.

And then, before I know it, September will arrive and, once again, it will be soccer time!

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Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love that your daughter is playing. I love that you are coaching. I love that you love it so much that you will miss it. It is all good and you are giving her self-esteem that will last a lifetime!

Thanks for warming my heart tonight.