Friday, December 19, 2008

Last minute gift ideas

Here are two items you might consider for that person that's really hard to shop for:

David Steele Enterprises, Inc. has created the iBreath accessory for the iPod and iPhone.  The device connects to the bottom of your iPod or iPhone and contains a breath wand.  You blow into the wand and if the reading is .08 or higher, an alarm sounds.  No word yet on how accurate the devices are, how they are calibrated, what assumptions they make about partition ratios, whether the source code is available for inspection or how often the state's breath test expert supposedly performs maintenance on the device.

Earlier this year Taser released the Taser C2 that features an MP3 player capable of holding up to 1GB of music.  Nothing like rocking out while your would-be attacker writhes on the ground.  There's also a selection of stylish patterns to choose from. It certainly beats the basic black and yellow worn by the Harris County Sheriff's Department. 

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