Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Springtime in Houston

I woke up this morning to the sounds of a thunderstorm that had been parked over the city for some 12 hours. Realizing I wasn't going out for a run I rolled over and slept for a few minutes more. Knowing that I had to be in court this morning and that my wife would be leaving for work by 7:00 am, I went downstairs, grabbed the paper and made my breakfast. I needed to eat pretty quickly so I could shower and get dressed before making breakfast for the girls.

Imagine my dismay when midway through my meal I heard my youngest calling "daddy" and coming down the stairs. I went and brought her to the kitchen and started making breakfast for her and her older sister. After serving her some Cream of Wheat, sliced strawberries and oranges and green beans (her favorite), I went back upstairs to see if my wife could watch her while she ate.

My wife had gone back to bed. As the schools were closed she wasn't teaching today - which was a good thing since her parents weren't coming over to watch the kids due to the flooding. After my wife came downstairs I headed up to get ready for work - when my phone rang.

A client on today's docket called to tell me he couldn't make it out of his neighborhood. Luckily his case was set for dismissal, if he had proof of insurance, so I knew I had to contact the court coordinator before docket call to reset the case. Then another client called with the same story. His case was also set for dismissal - and I had the proof of payment I needed - so I told him to stay put. My other setting was for a petition for nondisclosure that had been reset because the judge wanted additional items.

Of all my clients, Mr. Nondisclosure was the only one to show up in court -- but, of course, the judge called in sick. Arghhh!

Now, instead of a crowded morning rush and then an appointment with a real estate broker, I sit here in the attorney ready room at the Harris County Criminal (In)justice Center killing time before my appointment.

Ah, springtime in Houston.

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