Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A courthouse to the north

I was up in Montgomery County the other day and decided to take some pictures of the courthouse. The central part of the courthouse was built in 1936 in what is called the "moderne" style. I've always thought of it as somewhat art deco -- much like Houston City Hall.

The view of main entrance (south side of courthouse). You can just see the 1965 addition on the left.

This is the view of the north side of the courthouse. This entrance has been boarded up.

Unfortunately, as is too often the case, when the courthouse was expanded in 1965 the architect decided, for some unknown reason, to try the boring brick school building style. The result is a horrid blend of styles. The central portion of the courthouse looks great nestled in the trees in downtown Conroe, but the extensions on the side make it look like any other mid-60's government building.

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