Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh, look what I found in my notes!

According to this report from KPRC-TV, seven officers with the Houston Police Department were expelled from an accident investigation class for cheating. It turns out the seven officers (three of whom were sergeants) had copies of quizzes and the final exam from last year's class. Captain William Staney, head of HPD's vehicular crimes division claimed (with a straight face) that it was a "mutual decision" for the officers to "leave" the class.

And I suppose it was a "mutual decision" when the University of Houston and basketball coach Tom Penders chose to go their separate ways.

Apparently HPD didn't want to cough up the funds to provide textbooks for their officers so the department gave them copies of notes from last year's class. Why copies of quizzes and the final exam were in their notes is a mystery.

So we have seven members of the HPD who had no compunction about cheating in an accident investigation class -- what does that say about the manner in which they conduct themselves in uniform? If lying and cheating is condoned in the classroom, what about out on the street? Or in the courtroom?

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