Sunday, January 13, 2013

Running man

Well, here we go again. Once again it's time for my annual tour of Houston on foot.

As you're reading this I will be running the Houston Marathon and hoping for a much better result than last year's disaster that ended up with me having an ice pack wrapped around my knee.

Should all go well this afternoon I will be celebrating the completion of my 14th Houston marathon and 20th overall (to go along with six ultras through the woods of Huntsville) with an ice cold beer on the couch watching Lord of the Rings.



Murray Newman said...

Paul, as your only reader, I didn't get to this until 8:20 p.m.

Surely you've finished by now?

Paul B. Kennedy said...

Well, Murray, it's a long story. You see it seems that...

I got sidetracked in El Paso
And stopped to get myself a map.
I went the wrong way in Juarez
With Juanita on my lap.

I hope that helps.