Friday, June 14, 2013

Yet another indictment for disgraced jurist

Disgraced Galveston County Judge Christopher Dupuy is back in the news once again as he was indicted and arrested (again) for violating the statute banning judges practicing law.

Apparently Mr. Dupuy, after being suspended from the bench without pay as the result of his previous indictments, decided it was a good idea to advise his girlfriend to ignore a court order in her child custody case that he thought the order was incorrect.

But, oops, since he is still considered a judge, he is barred from the private practice of law (though there are a handful of exceptions to that prohibition). Of course there is also the question of why anyone would ask Mr. Dupuy for legal advice (never forget that he was in trouble with the State Bar while campaigning for office).


Anonymous said...

While I have very little sympathy for this guy (okay, I have no sympathy at all for this guy), this seems like nothing more than piling on.

Anonymous said...

I think your timeline is wrong. The rendering of legal advice was done before, not after, his suspension. It was only discovered after the suspension.

Anonymous said...

You could add charges forever. I suspect he has given out a lot of bad advice. He needs to be in prison And probably will be very soon.. An absolute disgrace as a judge and a father. His personal family court issues on preparing to murder and run away with his children, horrible! All of his women that testified in his family court: Tara, Courtney, Monica, Amy, the list is endless. The guy is an idiot and the women that follow him are idiots.