Thursday, August 7, 2008

Justice delayed...

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Harris County DA's office has dismissed criminal charges filed against Jose Jesus Vieyra who was charged with criminally negligent homicide as a result of an accident on February 21, 2008 in which Sheriff's Deputy Craig Miller was killed.

As it turns out, Deputy Miller had a blood alcohol content of at least .027 at the time of the accident. Interestingly enough, the original story was that Mr. Vieyra drove his truck across Miller's path as Miller headed to a surveillance assignment.

Who knew about Miller's condition at the time of the accident? Who authorized the story that he was on his way to a surveillance assignment? Who are the people responsible for the false charges made against Mr. Vieyra?

Although justice has now (finally) been served, Mr. Vieyra still had almost two months of his life taken away as he sat in the HCJ trying to post bond and he had to post that bond. Who is going to compensate him for this injustice?

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