Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PR Bonds

Rumors are swirling about that inmates in the Harris County Jail will soon be receiving 3-for-1 credit on their time served.

Harris County continues to send inmates whose sentences were reduced under 12.44(a) to Louisiana because the downtown complex is overcrowded.

Everyday a line of defendants wearing HCJ jumpsuits enter pleas en masse.

The common link? Too many citizens are being jailed for simple drug possession offenses. The solution may be as simple as allowing law enforcement officers to issue citations for Class B drug possession cases -- the citation would tell the defendant where and when to appear (much like a traffic citation). Should the defendant fail to appear, a warrant would be issued for their arrest.

In addition, the issuance of PR bonds would enable citizens accused to fight their cases. We all know that it's easier to wage war against the Harris County DA's office when you're on the outside rather than locked up.

Fat chance it'll happen, though, as the HCDA is opposed to any reform that would make them work harder for a conviction.

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bvf said...

There's a deterrant anyday....jail in Lousianna. Does that come with the hideous chicory coffee? Blah! This is why I walk on the straight and narrow.
But seriously, how can LS pay for our criminals? Aren't they just getting back on their feet from Katrina?