Monday, September 1, 2008

Was the bar raised?

Just caught the series premiere of Raising the Bar on TNT. As with most series premieres, I found it a bit too loud and too fast (though I understand they have but one hour to introduce you to the characters and get you to bite on the premise).

So, we have the self-righteous public defender who, apparently, spends all his time telling the judge what we all wish we could say in the same situation. We have his girlfriend, the ADA, who is torn between doing what's right and doing her job (reminds me of the relationship between Daniel J. Travanti and Veronica Hamel in Hill Street Blues). We have the ADA with a conscience. We've got the judge who seems to think she's the second prosecutor. And we have the judge's law clerk who is bedding the judge, the men he meets at bars and brokering deals to help out our hero. I'm curious to see what happens between preppy public defender and the chief PD.

I guess I'll sit down and watch it again next Monday night. It's probably worth a drink and a bowl of popcorn at the end of the day. It does go to show that lawyers need to hang out with non-lawyers (thank God for my wife and two little girls) to keep their heads on straight. I just wonder if it has any staying power or if it'll go down in flames like 100 Center Street on A&E a few years ago.

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