Thursday, July 30, 2009

Other voices on Harris County's new DWI policy

Here is some additional reading for y'all regarding the Harris County DA's new DIVERT program...

Mark Bennett, in his blog Defending People, questions what Pat Lykos and Company were thinking when they drew up this plan. Mark points out that the top brass at 1201 Franklin not only didn't consult with the defense bar, they didn't even consult with their own prosecutors.

As an aside, I'm not certain how I should feel about that reference to picking the "low-lying fruit" of the plan.

Murray Newman, who spends his spare time telling us about Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, has a few questions for Assistant District Attorney Roger Bridgwater - some of which remain unanswered despite Mr. Bridgwater's meeting with defense attorneys and his appearance on "Reasonable Doubt."

Finally, Grits for Breakfast gives us an outsider's perspective of the new program and points out enough flaws for everyone to have one of their very own.

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Mark Bennett said...

Heh. The whole ill-conceived plan is low-hanging fruit. I'm not letting you have all the fun.