Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Math, Texans-style

Over the offseason the braintrust behind the Houston Texans decided that it would be a good idea in these hard economic times to reduce the size of the beer cups at Reliant Stadium from 24 ounces to 20 ounces while leaving the price of foamy adult beverages at $7.75.

Fans of the Texans were outraged at this egregious attempt to gouge them - nevermind they were being robbed in the first place. Hey! Where's the district attorney when you need them? Forget about this DIVERT stuff -- what about Beergate?

As a result of the fans' adverse reaction to this little ploy, the Texans' braintrust (I'm sorry, but I'm a big fan of oxymorons) decided they would reduce the price of beer at the stadium to $7. Unfortunately, their planned pacification of the masses will only work on those who are just a bit challenged in the field of mathematics.

While it might be seen as a good gesture, the reality of the situation is that the size of beer cups has been reduced by 16% but the price of beer has only been reduced by a tick under 10%. So you see, friends and Cowboys fans, that the beer-drinking public is still getting it handed to them - only not as blatantly.

Is this the way to treat your (blindly loyal) fans? I mean, let's face it, it's damn near impossible to watch the (painfully boring) Texans without copious amounts of alcohol.

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