Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh to be in Richmond in the morning

Let's see here... Drove down to Fort Bend County this morning for a first setting on a DWI case. Even though his bail bond receipt listed today as his court date, his name did not appear on any of the court dockets I checked on the internet last night.

As I was parking my car he called me and said his name was on the list of cases that needed to be reset. I walked into the courthouse and checked the sheet. I saw the following notations: CCH, DLR.

We went up to the sixth floor to the District Attorney's office to reset the case. I asked the ADA what those notations meant and she told me they still needed to check my client's criminal history and his driving record.

My client was arrested over a month ago. How long does it take to run a criminal history check and to pull a driving record? I guess I could ask how many prosecutors does it take to... but that would be tacky.

Come on, Fort Bend County, there are these wonderful machines called computers that allow us to access all sorts of information at a moment's notice. I think they sell them down there.

Maybe someone can explain to me the purpose of having a citizen who's been accused of committing a criminal act go to the courthouse for absolutely no good reason.

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