Monday, March 8, 2010

Turnabout is fair play

Apparently my posts about Precinct 5 Justice of the Peace candidate George Huntoon have struck a raw nerve in some. I have received numerous telephone calls from Mr. Huntoon about the posts wanting to give me his side of the story. I even told him that I would be willing to run his explanation of the events - unedited - if he chose to send it to me. I'm still waiting.

Now first I need to make a correction to "Is JP candidate up to his waist in water?" (Feb. 28, 2010) - the water in question was not stolen from the City of Houston, the water was stolen from the Harris Galveston Subsidence District. As far as the allegations themselves, well, here is what I gathered from my conversation with Mr. Huntoon last week.

The taped conversation I posted was between Mr. Huntoon and Alex Constantin, who is now deceased. Mr. Huntoon claims that Mr. Constantin was harassing him "constantly." He told me that about 100 people in the subdivision (Shadowlake) lived on a lake and were griping to him because the lake needed to be filled. Mr. Huntoon said he made the phone call to "throw a bone" to Mr. Constantin and because he had "too much time" on his hands. He denied the phone call had anything to do with stolen water.

Mr. Huntoon said he left the board of the Shadowlake Homeowners' Association before the theft. He claimed one of the homeowners, Zair Khan (Mr. Huntoon could not provide me with the correct spelling of the name) cut the PVC pipe and rerouted the water. He said the well was located just ten feet behind this person's house.

He kept coming back to asking why he would want to do anything for these folks whom he claimed had been harassing him. He said he wanted them to be miserable. To be fair, Mr. Huntoon was never charged with the theft. He said Sgt. Larry Buzo said there wasn't enough evidence to charge anyone.

"There is absolutely no proof whatsoever I had anything to do with it," concluded Mr. Huntoon.

On a funnier note, Mr. Huntoon said one resident in particular kept trying to throw his weight around while Mr. Huntoon was on the board. This resident was an assistant district attorney in Harris County - and is now a fine criminal defense attorney. I think he called you out, Murray.

Here is the text of an e-mail I received from Mr. Huntoon on Saturday morning. To be fair I am running it unedited.
It was good to talk to you the other day. I was very busy the next day, I was hoping to talk with you again. I can’t help but smile at the irony that you radiate. When I look at your website it appears that you make your living, helping guilty people game the system to get out of trouble. I am sure a few people are wrongly accused, or are they. It is hard to believe that all the clients that come to you with a DWI really are innocent. But you know that, and you make money trying to convince the court otherwise. That would be really hard for me to do and have a clean conscious. What do you do when one of those drunks, gets off from a DWI by your help, and then a month later goes out and gets drunk and drives home and runs over someone’s sweet 5 year old daughter?

The only reason I bring all of this up, is that it seems you are extremely fast to convict me, yet you refuse to convict your clients that you know are guilty. I guess my only fault is that I am not paying you. I suppose if I pay you to “represent” me maybe you would have a better opinion of me. Like your website says, “when bad things happen to good people”.

I don’t have any problem with you. I know you are a good dad. The fact you go to your girls softball practice and games, says a lot. But as Dad’s of girls, we really do need to set the tone and set the example for them. If we want them to grow up and live in a loving world, then we better do something to make it that way.

I don’t know what possessed me to sit down and start typing, but something intrigued me about you on the phone the other day. When I told you repeatedly that what you wrote about me was blatantly false and a lie, and when you admitted that you supported my opponent, and I asked you to do what was right and remove the lie. you were silent for a second, I think you were actually thinking about what was right and wrong for a split second. I asked you not to let the thirst for me to lose to Jeff, blur your vision to what is right and what is wrong. I actually think for a second you heard what I was saying.

I know it is hard in your profession. Right and wrong can get confusing. Prosecutor or Criminal Defense? Which one is the noble one? Which one is good versus evil? What do you do when you know in your heart that the client is guilty and you argue otherwise?

Well that’s about all I have. My daughters are waking up and we are going to the park.

In response I asked Mr. Huntoon what he thought the biggest issues facing the court were and what he would do to fix them. I have yet to receive a response.

I just hope he's not planning on doing anything to make the docket move more efficiently. Back in January I reset a case and just got my new trial date - April 12, 2011.


Marcus Schantz said...

I take it you don't like this man much? Or is that just me speculating incorrectly?

Virginia S Pittman said...

Mr. Kennedy,

I am sorry you were subjected to such a cruel e-mail. My gosh, it appears that anyone who is an attorney whether personal injury, DWI, or even just plain defense attorney, you are all evil. I know God created man and in that occupations were not just created, but needed. Maybe realty is the line of work we need to be in, then we would be .... what is the word, 'perfect.' May Mr. Alex rest in peace. Anyways, you do a great job of putting facts that are true, I commend you.
Have a blessed Sunday with your family.