Monday, April 19, 2010

The decompression chamber

After three days in trial last week I had a serious need for decompression. I stopped off at Onion Creek on White Oak Boulevard and had a Shiner Bock on draft. I then dashed home in time to put my girls to bed. Finally my wife and I sat down on the sofa and watched a movie -- pausing every now and then to finish up some household task. Not once was any mention made of the trial.

Friday night, after being down on the island most of the day, I took my girls to see an abridged version of Annie that the kids at their school put on.

Being in the crucible of the courtroom requires the utmost attention be paid to every word that is said, every inflection of voice and the nuances of every word. You stare at the trees, but it's easy to lose sight of the forest. Spending the next two nights with my wife and girls was great because I didn't have to peer intently into the trees -- I was able to enjoy the view of the forest.

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