Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reducing the carbon footprint

And how have I celebrated Earth Day? Let's see. I had to print out several complaints and citations at the municipal courthouse for a client who's been charged with violating a city ordinance. Then I had to file multiple copies of a petition for an occupational driver's license for another client. I'm about to print out multiple copies of a will, medical directive and power of attorney for a client and her husband and I have to prepare multiple motions to suppress in a DWI case up in Polk County tomorrow as well as prepare an appeal of an administrative license suspension.

I think that's probably enough damage for one day.

On the other hand, Harris County District Clerk Loren Jackson's office now images all new civil and criminal filings and allows access to filed documents online -- reducing both paper usage and emissions. I am looking forward to e-filing motions and documents in criminal cases as another way to reduce waste.

While I know I need to do a better job of cutting down on waste in my practice, there are a few things I have done to reduce my carbon footprint. I installed a program on both my desktop and my laptop that allows me to access my desktop from home. I also use an internet fax server that allows me to fax documents from my computer and to receive them as PDF files - cutting down on the amount of paper I use.

For some other ideas, check out Ashley Papon's article "Earth Day Promise: Reduce the Size of Your Footprint Now."

Click here for a Carbon Footprint Calculator.

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