Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random thoughts driving back and forth to Livingston

There are a lot of flea markets alongside US59 between Cleveland and Livingston - and they're all on the west side of the highway.

Hello, Ford Explorer in front of me, you might want to consider moving to the right when faster traffic is approaching. Just a thought.

If you're appearing pro se in a divorce matter, you might want to wear something other than a worn out men's t-shirt with a black bra. The tattoo on the side of the neck was nice and I'm curious what the new one on the back of the neck is (it was still covered by paper).

Why does Polk County have better (and functioning) video equipment in the courtroom than Harris County?

Chewy pecan pralines are the best. I'm hoping our pecan tree puts out enough pecans for me to make a batch. And, by the way, it's pronounced prah-lean, not pray-lean.

Robert Earl Keen is great for a long drive up into the Piney Woods.

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