Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Death of an innocent

"I don't care how many degrees you may have. How many books you may have written. This was a set fire." -- Douglass Fogg, Assistant Fire Chief (Corsicana, Texas)
This blythe acceptance of junk science is the very reason there need to be strong standards and guidelines in forensic science. There is far too much "science" that can't be tested that is being used in courtrooms across this state, and across this country, to convict people of crimes they may or may not have committed.

In Corsicana, Texas, it was used to convict Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed by the State of Texas for a crime he very likely didn't commit. The Fair-Haired One had the opportunity to stay the execution so that new evidence could be reviewed - but, bowing to political pressure, he declined. Gov. Rick Perry's legacy will be that he authorized the killing of an innocent man.

When you go to your doctor, you want to know that he has been trained, that he has a medical degree and that he keeps up with the latest developments in his field. Would you trust your health to someone who just had a "gut feeling" about what was wrong with you?

Click here for more information about Frontline's presentation of "Death by Fire."

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