Friday, October 1, 2010

Island grub

I spent a good deal of time down on the island this week as I had a couple of settings on Tuesday plus a client on the afternoon jail docket. Since I was down on the island for lunch I thought I'd try someplace new. When I left the jail I asked an attorney I knew what he recommended. His reply? Leo's.

I was game - especially when I looked it up on my phone and saw they served Cajun food. The day was looking good.

Now Leo's (on 32nd and Broadway) is fairly nondescript inside - it looks like an ordinary lunch room. I ordered a big bowl of jambalaya and three boudin balls along with a sweet tea. Not wanting to waste any more of a beautiful day inside, I sat outside on the side patio.

I took a bit of the jambalaya and couldn't help but notice the intense smokiness of the dish. It wasn't big on heat or spice but it had a good flavor. I knew they didn't use andouille sausage but I figured whatever they used was smoked on the smoker in the back of the parking lot. While the jambalaya was tasty, the boudin balls left a little bit to be desired (the best I've ever had came from Ragin' Cajun on Richmond Avenue).

When I went inside to get a refill of tea I asked the guy behind the counter what kind of sausage they used. He told me they used a beef sausage. I then asked him if they made it or just smoked it. It turns out that Leo's makes their own sausage.

It wasn't the best meal I've ever had but it was good and it was affordable and I'll be back.

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