Saturday, March 5, 2011

Holy piece of junk, Batman!

There were some folks who thought I was a bit off the mark when I dared to criticize HPD's BATmobiles. Turns out I was right.

We've got vans with wiring problems that renders the breath test machines inoperable. The air conditioning doesn't work in one van and that's not good for a machine that's temperature sensitive. Yep, that's how we take care of our "instruments" here in Space City.

The police won't even acknowledge the problems to the Harris County District Attorney's Office -- of course that cat's out the bag by now. Heaven forbid folks find out that the money used to purchase and maintain (sort of) the BATmobiles might as well have been used to light the charcoal in the grill.
The lieutenant was worried about having to, quote, "explain what these problems can do to pending court cases."

"The lieutenant may think there's a problem, but I don't see that there's a problem," Driskell said.

And the DA's office has never been told of any of the maintenance problems we've uncovered.
"It's not that we're trying to hide it, but I don't see a need in telling them that. If they wanna know that, we'd be glad to share that information," Driskell said.
It's not about getting drunks off the streets. It's about raking in that grant money. We're churning and burning, baby, just send the check. The DPS is in on the scam, too, charging motorists $3,000 for a DWI conviction. Budget shortfalls -- let's just increase the user fees on our roadways. Just think of all that fine money and surcharge payments.

But it's all right because it's all in the name of public safety. Isn't it?

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Kirk said...

BATmobile, or Bradymobile?