Friday, April 1, 2011

And now a word from the kingmaker

What follows is from an open letter to the Texas Republican Party by Houston-area kingmaker and all-around wingnut, Dr. Steven Hotze...
Dear All,

Greetings! I am taking my stand with Norman Adams. He appears to be the lone voice of reason and common sense on the immigration issue.

I personally like the Hispanic people and their commitment to family and the work ethic. They are also a Christian based culture. I don't blame them for having made it to America by hook or crook. My great great grandfather pealed potatoes on a boat from Germany to get to America and the WASPs did not like him or the other immigrants that came with him. They also did not like the Irish or the Italians.

We had better embrace the Hispanics because they are going to be the dominant culture in Texas in no short order. I hope that Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida is our Republican VP in 2012.

Conservative Republicans from Texas helped elect 7 Hispanic Republicans to the Texas House. There were 2 Republican Hispanics elected to Congress from Texas. Why should we let the democrats steal them from our party?

It seems to me that there may be nativistic and prejudicial thinking on the immigration issue by many Caucasians. The argument is that millions of Hispanics broke the law to get here. Which one of you would not have done the same thng had you been in their shoes? I like people who take risks to help their families and are willing to work to better their families' lives. We have a whole lot of American born citizens who I would gladly trade in exchange for hard working Hispanics.

The majority of the Hispanic culture in America is Christian, pro-family, pro-life and pro-free enterprise. Sounds like they would make great Republicans to me. Let's go recruit them!

Gentlemen, it seems that the real problem we face is the Muslim immigration invasion of America. The Hispanics are our natural allies against the Democrats and Muslims.

With much appreciation, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours,

Steven Hotze, MD
I hardly know where to begin. I will start off by saying that it is refreshing to hear a conservative speaking out in favor of immigration. Dr. Hotze is well aware that if his party "goes Arizona" here, they will lose the opportunity to build strong roots in the Hispanic community.

On the other hand, I am troubled by much of Dr. Hotze's commentary. Who are the citizens the good doctor would "gladly trade" for more folks from down south? Hmm. Not whites, I'm certain. Probably not Asians, either. That would leave African-Americans.

And let's not forget who our "real enemy" is. It's those folks from the Middle East that talk and dress funny. He can cast a net over the entire Hispanic diaspora as "good Christians" and then stereotype anyone who prays to Allah as the evil invaders.

And should I assume that Democrats and Muslims are the enemies of "right-thinking" conservatives? Haven't we had enough of the war metaphors for one lifetime, Doc? Does this mean that the judges who come to Dr. Hotze hat-in-hand must pledge fealty to the Republican cause and do battle against the good doctor's enemies? Just how many judges sitting on Harris County benches made such a blood oath in order to get the thumbs-up from Dr. Hotze?

It's hard enough for criminal defendants to get a fair shake in the courtroom as it is. How many more are starting squarely behind the 8-ball because of their faith?

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