Sunday, June 5, 2011

Survey says...

About a week ago I received the following e-mail from a lawyer in Paris working on a master's degree in something called Legal Sociology:

Hello Mr. Kennedy,  
My name is Marcela Monroy. I am a lawyer, currently doing a Master in Legal Sociology at the University of Paris II, Pantheon-Assas. I am currently working on a research on the impact of social networks (forums, blogs, chats, message boards, etc.) and the access to legal information. For this reason I am conducting an online survey. 
I am contacting you, to ask if you would be willing to post a blog item about my research. I am sending to you the link of the survey that I mentioned previously. 
Thank you in advance for the help and advice that you can provide me.  
Best regards, Marcela Monroy

From the looks of it she is researching the impact of social networks on the way people access legal information. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and the results might just be a bit interesting.

To participate in the survey, just click here.

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