Monday, June 6, 2011

Twitter just says no

Which online organization actually has the balls to stand up and defend its users' privacy?

It's not Google. It's not Facebook. It's not Wordpress.

It's Twitter.

In the face of government subpoenas asking for users' information, Twitter has stood up and fought. When the US government served Twitter with a subpoena asking for information about four individuals allegedly involved with WikiLeaks, Twitter sought to have the subpoena unsealed so that the users could be notified of the attempts by los federales to access information.

Facebook and Google don't notify their users when they are requested to turn over information in response to a subpoena. So you may never know if you're one of the 4,000 folks the government is seeking information on every year.

And what has Twitter received for daring to stand for principle? Certainly not a lot of praise. The government wants you to believe that Twitter isn't being a good corporate citizen because it refuses to bend to the government's demands.

Twitter should be lauded for its efforts to protect our right to privacy. Twitter shouldn't be condemned, Twitter should be commended for fighting the government's exercise of power.

H/T to Kevin O'Keefe.

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