Monday, October 17, 2011

Ten paces at high noon

Republican Florida state representative Brad Drake has an idea on how to resolve the debate about the efficacy of the three drug lethal cocktail used in the state-sponsored killing of inmates. He says to hell with it.

Rep. Drake wants change Florida's method of murdering inmates from lethal injection to firing squad -- and if the condemned man doesn't like it, he can choose the electric chair.

Rep. Drake's proposal would get around states violating federal law by "off label" use of pentobarbital. And, if we're going to continue to allow the states to kill people, let's stop sanitizing it. Let the public see how rapidly we can race to the bottom to see which state can be the most barbaric.

As I have pointed out many times, the death penalty doesn't solve any societal problem - other than the need for politicians and prosecutors to beat their chests about how tough they are on crime. No one has ever been brought back to life as the result of the execution of their killer.

Rep. Drake said he got the idea for his bill after speaking to a constituent at the Waffle House. Now, I don't want to stereotype here, but if I want an intelligent conversation, I'm not so certain I'd be heading over to the local Waffle House. I guess the anecdote shows that Rep. Drake is one of the "people," but his job isn't to be one of the people. His job is to pass legislation necessary for the operation of the state.

Now if you want to do it up right, Mr. Drake, how about a bill that would require executions to be broadcast on television? Let's see this for what it is - bloodsport. Let the public see exactly what goes on. Let's see what the public's comfort level is for the reality of death.


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