Friday, November 9, 2012

Update: Killing changes nothing

Scientists announced that at about 6:39 pm last night, Lola Nixon rose from the grave - very much alive. Her family and friends told reporters that they were glad to have her back in their lives. One old companion was heard to say that the hole in his life had been filled back in. Behavioral scientists noted that there research showed that there would be no more murders in Texas anytime in the foreseeable future.

When asked what miraculous event brought about these extraordinary occurrences, state officials replied that   is was all due to the execution last night of Mario Swain.

Except that none of it happened. Well, none of it except for the State of Texas murdering Mario Swain. Mr. Swain became the 251st victim of Rick Perry and (I believe this number is correct) the 490th person killed by the state since the ban of state-sponsored murder was lifted by the Nine in Robes.

By all accounts, Mr. Swain was not a good person. There were other attacks that the jury heard about during the punishment phase of his trial. A state "expert" told the jury that Mr. Swain was a serial killer in training.

But it doesn't make it right to murder him. His death changes nothing. Ms. Nixon is still dead. Her friends and family still miss her. Someone in Texas will be murdered today.

The State of Texas murdered Mr. Swain for no other reason than it could.

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