Saturday, April 6, 2013

A gun in every house, a chicken in every pot

The enlightened city council members of Nelson, Georgia decided the other day to require the heads of all households to own a gun. How's that for limited government?

Nelson, Georgia is not what we would call a liberal hotbed. It's a small rural community of about 1300 an hour or so outside Atlanta. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say that Mitt Romney carried the town fairly handily back in November.

It's truly ironic that the same folks who want to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act because it requires folks to purchase health insurance would promote a city ordinance that requires folks to go out and purchase a firearm.

To be fair, though, the ordinance does exempt convicted felons, citizens with mental or physical disabilities and those who have a moral objection to guns. Under the new law, there is no sanction for not possessing a firearm.

According to one council member the ordinance will not be enforced - no one will receive a citation for not having a gun in the house - so it's no big deal. He said the existence of the ordinance will act as a deterrent to crime in the community.

Now let's see, those on the right don't like the government telling them they have to do something and they don't like unnecessary laws on the books. And here we have both in one nice little package.

H/T Democracy Now!

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