Thursday, April 25, 2013

An apology

For the last couple of years I have been providing updates on scheduled executions in Texas. The information is provided by Execution Watch. I get the information through their website and from e-mail updates they send out in the days prior to a scheduled execution. The show Execution Watch is broadcast on KPFT at 6pm when there is an execution scheduled.

Unfortunately the information I've received recently from Execution Watch hasn't been accurate. And, if you've tried to listen to the radio show you know it's not always on when it's supposed to be.

Earlier this week I ran an update on Elroy Chester III, who was set to be murdered by the State of Texas last night. However, on April 16 the Court of Criminal Appeals rescheduled the execution to June 12, 2013. That I didn't find out until I noticed the Execution Watch website did not have the information for Mr. Chester on the front page this afternoon.

I apologize for providing y'all with the wrong information. The lesson learned, of course, is to verify the information before posting the update.

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