Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blawging 101

My colleagues, and fellow blawgers, Mark Bennett and Scott Greenfield, have both written about this topic many times before, but you will never become a millionaire rock-star lawyer by penning a blawg.

If your goal in sitting down at the computer and typing away is to cram as many keyword rich terms in your writing as possible as a way of getting your website at the top of Google's front page, then please take your fingers off the keyboard and back away from the monitor.

It doesn't work that way. Most folks will see right through your game. People read blogs because they are interested in what the writer has to say or they are interested in a given topic. If you don't have something new or fresh to say, then just don't bother saying it.

The best blawgs out there aren't full of keyword rich search terms. They are full of good writing and interesting viewpoints. I want a blawg that will challenge me. I want a blawg that I can disagree with at times. I want to read something that makes me think and makes me want to dig deeper.

I want to read a post written by someone who enjoys the art of writing.

There are only so many times you can cram the same keywords into a post. There are only so many ways you can write the same dreck without repeating yourself - or worse, becoming a parody of yourself.

So please disregard the snake oil salesmen who promise you the moon if you'll write vapid blawg posts crammed with keywords and search terms. Please run from the ones who promise to supply content for your proposed blawg.

If you're going to create your own blawg, show off your knowledge of a little corner of the law, show a little flair and wit when commenting on the latest legal news, allow us all a little laugh now and then. Write because you want to write - not because someone advised you to do it.

Just don't waste our time with the same old shit.

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