Friday, February 14, 2014

Fantasy baseball comes a-calling

With pitchers and catchers due to report for the Houston Astros tomorrow - in what can only be described as the uncut version of the Bataan death march - it seems like a fitting time to put out the call for the 2014 Criminal Defense Lawyers Invitational Fantasy Baseball League.

The league is a basic 5 x 5 league with an auto draft that we run through Yahoo! Just keep in mind, however, that we use OPS and not batting average as one of our metrics.

Last year's winner, Vik Vij, even switched sides during the season, moving out of the Galveston County DA's Office into an office that requires making money in order to pay those things we like to call bills. Welcome to the club, my friend.

I will be extending invitations to everyone who participated last season and will be more than happy to accept some new members to our little fraternity. If you're interested in playing, just shoot me an e-mail, send me a tweet (@PaulBKennedy) or leave a comment and I'll get the information out to you.

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