Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Execution Watch: 1/18/2018

Tomorrow night the State of Texas looks to kill again...

ANTHONY SHORE. Condemned following his conviction in the murders of four females in the Houston area over a 9-year period, Shore was scheduled to be executed on October 18, 2017. However, his execution was stayed by a district court judge to allow time to investigate claims that a fellow death row inmate, Larry Swearingen, had tried to persuade Mr. Shore to confess to the crime for which Swearingen was sentenced to death. Swearingen, who was scheduled to be executed in November 2017, also received a stay.



Unless a stay is issued, Execution Watch will broadcast live:
Thursday, January 18, 6-7 PM Central Time
KPFT-FM Houston 90.1, HD 3 or online at: > Listen


Unknown said...

Among other things dude raped and murdered a nine year old girl. Just making sure you know who you are going to bat for.

Paul B. Kennedy said...

My point has never been that these men and women are good people. I have never downplayed the crimes for which they were convicted. I am opposed to the death penalty - regardless of the circumstances. Killing Mr. Shore will do nothing to undo anything he did, will not bring any of his victims back to life and will not fill the void left in the lives of the families.

The death penalty is about nothing more than revenge. And that makes it wrong.

Lee said...

If I sent out a press release to the media that I was going to kill someone, would that be sufficient to qualify as premeditation and intent?