Friday, June 8, 2018

Let the beatings continue

For those of y'all who live in Donald Trump's fantasy world, this is the reality of why Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the playing of the national anthem.

This is the reason that organizations such as Black Lives Matter exist.

This is the reality that people of color find themselves in in this country.

This is what those promoting the inherently racist line of Blue Lives Matter would like you to forget.

What was this man's crime, you ask? The police were called to an apartment complex in Phoenix on a domestic violence call. The man in the video had nothing to do with the alleged incident. Even though he wasn't involved in the incident, he cooperated with the police. He leaned against a wall. He allowed officers to frisk him. He answered questions. But when he was asked to sit against the far wall and he just squatted, that's when the police had enough and assaulted him.

If you think this same shit doesn't occur all over this country then you are either blind, ignorant or a racist.

So the next time you hear Donald Trump, or some other windbag, throw shade on black athletes who protest peacefully during the playing of the national anthem, just remember this video.

And one other little thing, instead of being arrested and charged with assault, the officers involved are on a paid vacation.

h/t Stefania Okolie

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