Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oops, there I go again...

From KEYE-TV in Austin, we have the story of a Williamson County (Texas) Sheriff's detective who was popped for his second DWI over the weekend:

A Williamson County Sheriff's detective who had previously been convicted of drunk driving has now been accused again.
Austin police arrested Jeff Gee Sunday near Lakeline Mall. 

The arresting officer said in an arrest affidavit that Gee was driving the wrong way on Ridgeline Boulevard at RR 620. He admitted drinking six 16 ounce glasses of beer, according to the affidavit.

The document also said Gee had been convicted of DWI in Brownsville in 1989.

Sheriff's office spokesperson John Foster says detective Gee is now on administrative leave with pay.

Apparently the police don't bother to exercise their right to remain silent, either.

At least for Det. Gee's sake he was stopped in Travis County and not in Williamson County, the bailiwick of District Attorney John Bradley (generally recognized as being crazy - see this post from my colleague Mark Bennett's Defending People).  

As anyone familiar with the goings-on in Central Texas knows, it's always best to be behaving badly south of Williamson-Travis County line.

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