Friday, January 23, 2009

Would you like a pound of flesh with that?

By now we all know the tragic story of former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.  Now comes news that as Mr. Vick is coming toward the end of his prison sentence for his involvement in dog fighting that PETA is attempting to block his attempts to return to the NFL.

Mr. Vick and PETA had been in negotiations for Mr. Vick to do a public service announcement denouncing dog fighting.  Mr. Vick agreed to do the spot if PETA would not oppose his bid for reinstatement - but PETA wanted more.  PETA is demanding that Mr. Vick undergo a psychological test and an MRI brain scan before he is allowed to return to the NFL.

Now I find dog fighting just as reprehensible as the next guy, but let's get real here.  There are players in the NFL who committed crimes far worse that killing dogs.  There's Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens who was charged with murder after the 1996 Super Bowl and, in a plea deal, plead guilty to a charge of obstruction of justice.  There's also Leonard Little who was convicted of intoxication manslaughter.

When Mr. Vick is released from prison he will have paid his debt to society and should be allowed to attempt a comeback in the NFL.

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