Thursday, March 12, 2009

He must've been drinking

It may very well be true that no man is an island unto himself, but that hasn't stopped Scott Allan Witmer of Northampton Borough, Pennsylvania from claiming that the state can't prosecute him for driving while intoxicated because he is asovereign and that the laws of Pennsylvania do not apply to him.
Allan Witmer: "Don't all our souls live within ourselves? Isn't this where you really live?"
Judge Zito: "Your metaphysical properties are not on trial here."
Police were called to Mr. Witmer's house to investigate a domestic disturbance. Police noted that Mr. Witmer had bloodshot eyes and slurred his speech. Shortly after the officers left the house, Mr. Witmer climbed into his truck and promptly ran a stop sign and weaved across the center dividing line, while drinking.

As my colleague, Houston criminal defense attorney Mark Bennett, pointed out in his blog post "Redemption Theory vs. Reality," the theory that you can't be prosecuted because you are sovereign or because the flag in the courtroom has fringe or because your "straw man" is being prosecuted.

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