Monday, March 16, 2009

Zen moment for the day

As I was heading down to the office this morning through the fog I noticed a police car coming in my direction. As he passed I saw that he was a constable and he (obviously) noticed my expired inspection sticker. 

I saw him pull into a driveway a few houses up the road so I took a right at the intersection and another right at the next block -- he hadn't displayed his emergency lights at this point. As I followed that street to the north I saw him once again in my rear-view mirror so I knew the gig was up. I pulled into a parking lot and he flashed his lights one time.

By the time he came to the window I had my driver's license and old insurance card in my hand. He took my license and asked me how long I had owned the car. I told him I was aware that the inspection sticker had (long since) expired but that I was just waiting until I got pulled over to take care of it.

After he finished laughing he asked me where I was going and what I did and then told me to take care of it on my own.

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