Monday, March 23, 2009

The mood altering sounds of Humble

I received a rather peculiar phone call this afternoon from a man who had pled guilty to driving while intoxicated in Harris County. He wasn't calling to complain about his attorney or to find out how he could get an occupational license. He called to let me know that the Humble Police Department was playing tricks on the minds of citizens accused of driving while intoxicated.

According to our caller, officers in Humble would take a citizen into a room before asking them to perform coordination exercises on camera. The police then pumped disorienting (or disorientating as our British cousins would say) sounds and music into the room.

Once the citizen accused had been subjected to a sufficient amount of mood-altering sounds he would be taken to the video room and asked to perform on camera.

The gentleman told me he was calling defense attorneys around town to let them know what was going on in Humble. Apparently it didn't do him any good, though.

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