Thursday, November 5, 2009

Forgive and forget

Deer Park native Andy Pettite was one of the heroes of the Yankees' world series winning team. Pettite, as many of y'all remember was implicated in the Mitchell Report as using illegal performance enhancing drugs. Pettite promptly owned up to cheating.

Alex Rodriguez was another of the Yankees' heroes in their championship run. Over the off-season A-Rod confessed that he used steroids during a three-year stint with the Texas Rangers. He was torn apart by the press for his admissions.

One must wonder if Roger Clemens had been honest and upfront when the accusations began flying whether he would have taken part in the Yankees' 27th World Series championship. While Pettite and Rodriguez are placed on pedestals by Yankee fans, Roger Clemens is scorned.

Clemens misread the public and played the wrong card when he was revealed as a steroid user. History is replete with American icons who messed up, 'fessed up and went back to being adored. The American public is quick to forgive and forget the transgressions of celebrities.

Had Roger the Dodger not been so arrogant and had he thought about his course of action for half-a-minute, he would have realized his aggressive denial was a mistake. I wonder how he felt watching his former teammates win the series.

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