Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My daughter and I

Last night my oldest daughter got sick. To be on the safe side, my wife and I decided not to send her to school today. That left us in a quandary because my wife teaches at the local community college on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and I had to be in court this morning.

So I made the executive decision to take my daughter to work with me. After we dropped off my youngest at school we headed out to the west side to the Justice of the Peace court on Clay Road for a traffic ticket case. This particular court is one of the busiest in the state -- and one of the slowest.

My daughter brought her Leapster and sat in a chair at the front of the courtroom that a very kind woman gave up for her (I didn't catch her name, but, if you're reading this, thank you) while I "worked" the case.

My client's case was dismissed a short time later because the officer forgot to appear (the ticket had been written 2 1/2 years before) and my daughter and I were on our way home after less than an hour.

Along the way she met some of my colleagues and got a little taste of what her daddy does for a living and I got to show off my daughter. I think I might start bringing her to court more often...

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