Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving attorneys a (really) bad name

Harry C. Arthur, a Houston attorney, has filed suit against a church-run organization that provides meals and other amenities for the homeless, seeking to shut down their outreach program. Mr. Arthur complains that the homeless who congregate near the Beacon's site in downtown Houston are a nuisance to area businesses and he wants the organization the provides services to the homeless shut down.

Maybe Mr. Arthur doesn't realize that shutting down the Beacon won't cure Houston's homeless problem -- it will only move it elsewhere. Maybe he doesn't want to be reminded of the great disparity of wealth we see in this country, or maybe he doesn't want to have to think about the toll alcohol and illegal drugs have taken on our population.

It's more than a bit unseemly that we have no problem building playpens for the wealthy (i.e. Minute Maid Park, the Toyota Center and Reliant Stadium) but no one wants to spend the money to ease the homeless situation in this city.

Now how come New York got all the attorneys and New Jersey got the toxic waste sites?

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