Thursday, December 10, 2009

DA backtracks on new drug policy

One day after announcing a policy change in the prosecution of some drug offenses, Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos seems to be backtracking from her original position. Facing stern opposition from local law enforcement, Ms. Lykos said her office would re-evaluate the new policy after six months.

Critics of the new policy claim that it will result in an increase in burglaries and robberies from addicts looking to buy more dope. Ray Hunt, vice-president of the Houston Police Officer's Union said that officers would look the other way because they don't want to spend the time to issue a Class C misdemeanor citation.

Mr. Hunt apparently is under the impression that a stint in jail will cure a drug addict and that he or she will return to the outside as a productive member of society.

Using Mr. Hunt's logic that locking up minor drug offenders because they might commit a theft or burglary, maybe we should lock up everyone who consumes alcohol because they might get behind the wheel drunk. Maybe we should lock up everyone who owns a gun because they might one day shoot someone. Maybe we should lock up everyone who is married or dating someone because they might commit an assault against a family member.

Maybe Mr. Hunt's opinion would change were he to consider the overtime bonanza that could result from patrol officers having to appear in municipal court -- just ask the traffic cops.

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