Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ethics cuts both ways

So it turns out that Cincinnati head football coach Brian Kelly interviewed for the vacant Notre Dame coaching job prior to his team's showdown with Pitt for the Big East Conference championship, a game the Bearcats won 45-44 on a last minute touchdown.

It makes you wonder where Mr. Kelly's head was last Saturday afternoon since by all accounts his departure to South Bend will be announced this week. Is it possible for a coach to be on his game at the same time he's angling for another coaching position? Where were Mr. Kelly's priorities? Talk about your conflict of interests.

I'm certain that he drills the ideals of loyalty and teamwork to his players throughout the season but, while the players pushed for a shot at the national title, their coach was casting them aside and looking for a bigger job. Do as I say, not as I do -- that must be his motto.

Of course the Golden Domers are just as complicit in this sordid little tale as Mr. Kelly. Notre Dame officials knew the importance of last Saturday's game for the Bearcats yet they went out to talk to Kelly anyway. What kind of message does that send out to football fans?

If you're a Notre Dame fan, just don't be surprised if Brian Kelly up and leaves you in the lurch when the opportunity arrives. If he'd abandon his team at a crucial junction, what's to prevent him from abandoning his new team.

Beware when anyone's willing to sell out their word to the highest bidder.

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