Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost in the moment

Yesterday my wife surprised me for our anniversary and took me rock climbing at Texas Rock Gym. For two hours we climbed and climbed. Took a couple of spills along the way but nothing more than a small gash or bruise.

The most amazing thing was losing myself in the climb. It was a very zen-like experience. Once your feet get off the ground all of your concentration is centered on balance and leverage. Where's my foot going? Where's a hand grab? There's no time for outside distractions. When you're climbing you are living in the moment. Step outside that moment and you lose your concentration - or your nerve, and down you go.

Successful trial work also requires you to live in the moment. Following the ebb and flow of testimony. Listening for voice inflections. Picking up on contradictory statements. Watching for cues from the jury. You can't be worrying about the bills that have to be paid or what's on the docket the following day or what paperwork needs to be completed. Once you step outside the moment you lose your concentration and down goes your case.

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