Monday, May 17, 2010

Roadblocks down in the bayou

The Sheriff over in Cameron Parish, Louisiana decided to set himself up a roadblock to catch all those pesky drunk drivers in Grand Lake last Friday night. His posse was made possible by a $330,000. The sheriff's office spent about $80,000 for equipment and overtime expense for that li'l ol' roadblock.
"The citizens are glad that we're taking a proactive approach to making sure the highways are safer." Chief Deputy Ron Johnson, CPSO
And what a success it was. Of the 589 vehicles stopped without either reasonable suspicion or probable cause, deputies made all of six arrests. Of those arrests, only two were for driving while intoxicated. Deputies administered coordination exercises to nine motorists -- I would assume because they smelled the devil's drink on their breath.

Listening to the newscast you would think the reporter is the spokesperson for the sheriff's office.

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