Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Take me out to the ball game... take me WAY out to the ball game

Some things "just ain't right" and Major League Baseball's decision to move the Philadelphia-Toronto interleague series from Toronto to the City of Brotherly Love because of an international summit meeting sure ain't right.

Now aside from the fact that the Blue Jays play on plastic grass and use a designated hitter (which also ain't right), taking three home dates away from Toronto and giving them to Philadelphia isn't fair for the Jays and it isn't fair for the other teams in the NL East who will only have 81 home games (and not 84). Letting Toronto wear white, bat last and use the DH hardly makes up for the fact that the Phillies will have the homefield advantage.

And while I'm on my rant, enough with interleague play - it just isn't natural. Enough of the All-Star EXHIBITION game deciding home field advantage for the World Series.

Politicians, with their overwrought need to feed their egos by installing ridiculous security protocols, will force residents of Toronto to have to register with security officials to have access to their homes and businesses during the summit. Somewhere along the line, government leaders seem to have forgotten that they are the servants of the people and serve at our whim. Maybe it's time to remind them.

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