Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So long, cowboy nuns

This is a real bummer. The Monastery of St. Claire, located just outside of Brenham, Texas, is closing its gates for good this weekend. Why's that a big deal, you ask?

Because of these little guys. The nuns at St. Claire ran a horse farm and raised miniature horses that grew up to 36 inches tall.

The monastery and horse farm were a great stop on a one-day road trip to Brenham. We'd start off at the restaurant at the Brenham municipal airport (a 50's style diner), then head over to the Blue Bell creamery for a tour and a bowl of the world's greatest ice cream before ending our adventure at the monastery looking at the miniature horses.

But now that there are only two nuns left at the monastery (something that tends to happen to celibate societies who don't attract new members), the farm and horses have been sold. The last day to see these wonderful little critters is this Saturday.

In the meantime, I'm trying to fit a drive out to Brenham into my schedule on Friday afternoon.

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