Sunday, July 17, 2011

File it under "man bites dog"

We've read countless stories and seen videos of TSA agents groping young people trying to hop on planes. We've seen the Texas Legislature back down to threats from los federales.

The courts seem to be okay with this massive invasion of our bodies despite the fact, as Scott Greenfield points out, "scope and grope" hasn't turned up one terrorist.

Authorities say a Colorado woman who allegedly groped a female Transportation Security Administration agent at Phoenix's international airport is facing a felony count of sexual abuse. 
Phoenix police said Yukari Mihamae, 61, is accused of grabbing the left breast of the unidentified TSA agent Thursday afternoon at an airport checkpoint. 
TSA staff said Mihamae refused to go through passenger screening and became argumentative before she squeezed and twisted the agent's breast with both hands.
Police were called and said Mihamae admitted grabbing the TSA agent and continued to argue with officers before she was arrested.
Maricopa County jail officials said Mihamae was released from custody on Friday. They couldn't immediately provide additional information about her case.
So, while it's okay for an agent of the government to fondle your child, heaven help it if someone gropes the groper. Ms. Mihamae probably didn't do the smartest thing - but maybe, just maybe, her actions will make some people wake up and realize what we're allowing the state to subject us to. Maybe her actions will spur us to question the need for "scope and grope."

At some point I hope that we, as a nation, come to our senses and tell our government that we are sick and tired of being treated like criminals just because we have the audacity to board a plane. I hope that one day the draconian and intrusive security measures at courthouses and airports and tossed into the ash heap of history.

I fear, however, that meek sheep that we are when it comes to speaking up and doing something, that the future will bring not less, but even more intrusive measures all in the name of doing whatever it takes to protect us from whatever the threat of the month is.

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