Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Victim sues to halt execution

Today is the day the State of Texas is scheduled to murder Mark Stroman.

Rais Bhuyian is fighting to save Mr. Stroman's life. Mr. Bhuyian filed suit in Travis County seeking a stay of Mr. Stroman's execution. Gov. Rick Perry, who once said Texas should consider seceding, filed a petition asking that the case be removed to federal court. Mr. Bhuyian's attorney found that action to be quite ironic considering the amount of vitriol Mr. Perry has spewed about keeping los federales out of Texas' business.

Mr. Bhuyian was shot and left for dead by Mr. Stroman in a murderous rampage that left two other men dead. Mr. Stroman claimed he was seeking revenge for the attacks on 9/11.

Mr. Bhuyian was left blind in his right eye and still has shotgun pellets in his face. But he seeks reconciliation and understanding rather than blood. 

"This campaign is all about passion, forgiveness, tolerance and healing. We should not stay in the past, we must move forward."
"If I can forgive my offender who tried to take my life, we can all work together to forgive each other and move forward and take a new narrative on the 10th anniversary of 11 September." -- Rais Bhuyian

He sees Mr. Stroman as a man who can be a spokesman about ignorance and hate. He thinks Mr. Stroman can be redeemed. He sees value in a life that not many others see.

Meanwhile, the only value Gov. Goodhair sees in Mr. Stroman's life is the potential for more votes from the "hang 'em high" crowd.

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