Saturday, June 9, 2012

A few odds and ends

Here are a few odds and ends that I've picked up while vacationing in the Hill Country (I know, such a hard life I lead)...

Up in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker survived a recall attempt by voters upset with his moves to crush the state public employee union. While I agree with the sentiment of those who wanted to recall the governor, they had their chance at the last statewide election when they elected him. The whole reason for having regularly scheduled elections is so that the public can decide whether or not an office-holder is doing a satisfactory job. Yes, he's made some very unpopular decisions and the good folks in cheese country are more than welcome to send him home next time around.

Allowing recalls will only serve to paralyze state government as officer-holders will be scared to make any decisions if they are fearful that the people can turn around and throw them out of office at will.

United Airlines, which fought tooth and nail to prevent rival Southwest Airlines from building an international terminal at Houston's Hobby Airport has announced that as a result of the city's decision to let the project go forward, it will have to begin laying off workers in Houston. Interestingly enough, United is vowing to lay off employees this year even though the new terminal won't be operational until 2015.

Come on, how stupid do y'all think we are? Do explain how a terminal that won't be open for another three years is causing you to lay off people now.

Finally, the Cardiff City soccer team in the English Premier League is nicknamed the Bluebirds. They wear blue uniforms with a bluebird on their crest. Now their Malaysian owner is changing the color of their jerseys to red and replacing the bluebird with a dragon. The move is being made to make the team more marketable so the club can pay off its debts. Does tradition mean nothing anymore? All of the money pumped into international soccer has raised the level of play and the accessibility of the sport - but that "progress" has come at the expense of the soul of the game.

H/T Paul Lukas (Uniwatch blog)

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Coco Bream said...

I really don't get how United thought of using the new terminal as an excuse to lay off workers this year. They should find a better excuse, at least.