Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Old Courthouse: Victoria edition

The old Victoria County Courthouse was built in 1892 by J. Riely Gordon in the Romanesque Revival style. Mr. Gordon, however, wasn't around to see it completed because he was fired. It seems that his contract specified that he would be present at the site every day of construction. Even God got to take a day off, you know.

Here are a few shots of the exterior...

Unfortunately, as courthouse business expanded, a new building was erected next door in that 1960's "it's a government building so we don't give a shit what it looks like" style. To enter the old courthouse you have to go through this monstrosity.

The interior of the 1892 courthouse is nothing short of amazing.

You just can't beat an atrium in the middle of a courthouse - even if that ugly elevator eats up too much space.

The courtroom looks like it came right out of a movie set.

And there's even a balcony! Don't forget to stand when Atticus walks out.

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