Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Attorney General to investigate Galveston judge

Oh, how much hotter the seat behind the bench in Galveston County Court at Law No. 3 must be today. Now, instead of being investigated by the Galveston County District Attorney, Christopher Dupuy finds himself in the crosshairs of the Attorney General's Office.

Galveston County DA Jack Roady has handed off the ball to Greg Abbott's office in order to avoid having Judge Dupuy recused in every criminal case on his docket.  Mr. Roady also confirmed that there have been multiple complaints about Judge Dupuy filed with his office.

Mr. Dupuy claims the complaints are politically motivated, but then no one has ever accused him of being able to think clearly. Questions about his fitness to serve on the bench have been raised since he won the election in November 2010.

If voters in Galveston County are paying attention to the antics on 59th Street, this should serve as a warning to the dangers of blindly pulling the straight ticket lever in the voting booth. Those who went to the polls in 2010 obviously weren't aware of Mr. Dupuy's past - I find it hard to believe that many folks would vote for an attorney on probation from the State Bar for judge.

The clock is ticking on Mr. Dupuy's time on the bench. The only question now is whether or not he will be allowed to serve out his term.

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